We switched the factory-supplied lauan
plywood trim with our
stair treads,  window
, and we covered the plywood edges with
angle molding.

Mahogany Flooring    Baseboard   Ogee Crown
Chair Rail   Window & Door Trim    Angle
1/8" Cove Molding
  • We use "select & better"
    basswood for most of our
    trim. Basswood trim comes
    in  24" lengths.
  • Channel stock, ridge cap, and
    angle molding are also
    available in 36" lengths.
  • Our decking is made of pine
    selected for a small tight grain.
  • We offer flooring strips made
    of hardwood veneers.
    Species & lengths vary with
Trim Kits for 1/12th scale Dollhouses
  • We offer reasonable shipping
    and shipping discounts on
  • High quality miniature trim
    and molding for dollhouses,
    professionals, and hobbiest.
Baseboard w/ Bead
Shelf Braces #2
Railing Kits
  • We are located in Manchester, Michigan.
  • Contact us for shipping quotes or other question through our  online stores at
    www.manchesterwoodworks.com or our Ebay Store.
  • Payments may be made through Pay Pal (with a credit card), or by check or
    money order.
  • Most items ship within less than 48 hours after payment
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed
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1/12 Scale Crown Moldings
from left to right:  ogie crown, cove crown, crown molding #3,
crown molding #2, crown molding #1
Dentil Crown Molding
from left to right:  dentil crown molding #2,  dentil crown molding
#1, dentil cove molding
1/12 Scale Window & Door Trim
from left to right : window trim #1,  window trim #2, window trim #3,
window trim #4, economy window trim, rosette corner block
more photos
Glencroft Tudor Style
Dollhouse from Greenleaf