1900s Firehouse Dollhouse
Manchester Dollhouse & Woodworks is proud to present their version of Doll Domiciles
1900s Firehouse.  This finely crafted unique dollhouse is built from plans using rabbeted
and datoed joints, quality finishes, and detailed trim and wood accents throughout.  This
would be a great place for your little one to park his firetruck, or to expand your collection
with this one of a kind collectors piece.

Completely finished, inside and out, this dollhouse would make an amazing present.
Entirely hand-made from Doll Domiciles set of plans. This dollhouse has loads of solid
wood trim, including baseboard, crown molding, wainscoting and chair rail, window trim
and sills.

The exterior is hand painted brick.

There is real pine flooring on both floors.

The roof is made of tapered boards.

It is sturdily constructed using wood glue and dato and rabbet joints. The base is reinforced
with a willow wood frame underneath the entire house.

The wood floors, roof, and base  have a shellac finish with a polyurethane top coat. The
brick, interior walls, and trim are painted with a variety of latex paints,
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