Tudor-style 1:12 Scale Dollhouse

Made from a kit, this dollhouse has been upgraded to a
much higher level by exchanging most of the original
plywood trim with solid wood.
It is solidly constructed using wood and polyurethane glue.

The hardwood floors, baseboard, trim and  roof shingles
have a shellac finish.  Latex paint covers the exterior walls
and interior ceilings. The base is reinforced with a wood

The house has:
  • two built-in fireplaces with mantels
  • a built-in bookcase
  • a winding staircase with bull-nose treads
  • timber beams on the main floor
  • silk screened non-working windows
  • two window seats
  • three working hinged doors
  • baseboard, window trim, sills, and angle molding
  • all rooms, plus the stairwell, are wallpapered with
    painted ceilings
  • shingle roof
  • painted picket fence
  • real stone veneer front yard
  • painted fascia
  • flower box