How to  Trim a Dollhouse Window (Method #2)
Here is the method I use to trim an interior
window on a dollhouse.  I glue the trim together
and install it as frame.  It is easier and more
accurate the doing it one piece at a time.
  1. Seal the window with shellac.  It drys fast,
    sands easily, and if you forget to clean
    your brush, just soak it in denatured
    alcohol and it will come back to life.  
    Then paint it or top coat it with

  • Gluing Jig : This consist of a 12" x 12" x
    1" pieces of styrene (insulation) board -
    a ceiling tile works well too -  card stock
    with a quarter inch grid on it, wax paper,
    and t-pins.
  • Small miter box and saw.  Exacto and
    Proedge are two brands that come to  
    mind. I added a board to the bottom of
    the miter box, then screwed  that to a
    larger board and then clamped that
    board to my work surface.   If you are
    cutting a lot of pieces at the same length
    you my consider using a stop block so
    you won't need to measure each piece.
  • Ruler & pencil.
  • Fast grab glue such as Beacon's 3-in-1.  
    Glue wood glue will not work because it
    does not stick to painted surfaces.

  1. Cut the verticle trim to length (pic 1).
  2. Cut the header (top piece) and sill           
    (pic. 2 & 3)..  I like to make the sill
    longer.  Pictures 4 & 5 show the ends of
    the sillnotched to look like it is separate
    from the window apron.
Pic. 1
pic. 3
  • Check that the four pieces are square by
    lining then up on the grid card stock
  • If they look good, glue them together,  
    This is where the gluing jig comes in real
    handy.  With out it, this part would be a
  • This is how the gluing jig works: t-pins
    hold the parts in place while the glue
    dries. The t-pins are stuck through the
    grid card stock and in to the 1" thick
    polystyrene. To keep from gluing the trim
    to the card stock, I put a piece of wax
    paper between them. Nothing seems to
    stick to it.  Here is the best part.  The
    card stock has a 1/4" grid in it. That is
    critical in helping me square up the frame
    as I pin it down (pic. 6-8)
  • You can take card stock and glue 1/4"
    graph paper to it.  The would work well.
  • Allow the glue to dry.  Then,
    using the same fast grab glue,
    glue the window in place.
  • The last two pictures show a
    before and after.
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