INSTRUCTIONS for Installing Dollhouse Wood   Strip
(veneer) Flooring:

Tools and Materials needed.
1.        Flooring Strips
2.        Contact Adhesive (available at hardware stores).
3.        Small disposable glue or acid brush.
4.        Roller (to help press wood flooring securely to sub-floor).
5.        Scissors (to cut wood flooring).
6.        Mineral Spirits for clean up.

READ all warnings and instructions for using contact adhesive
before beginning process. Keep away from flames and ventilate
work area.

To Begin:

Apply a liberal coat of contact adhesive (not contact cement!!) to
the sub-floor of the dollhouse. Allow to  dry until slightly tacky but
not wet.

Apply a liberal coat of contact adhesive to the back of each strip
and also allow the dry until slightly tacky but not wet
After adhesive dries, lay one strip at a time on the sub-floor and
press firmly.  This will create a strong bond and the piece will be
stuck permanently.  

f it does not bond well add a second  coat.  Some woods are more
porous and require two coats.

Offset the joints by cutting the wood with scissors.

Once some or all if the floor is glued, use a roller the increase the
contact between the wood strips and the sub-floor. A rolling pin,
glass bottle, or j-roller work well.

Make the strips looked “pegged” by punching the ends with a small
nail set.

Sand the flooring. Watch for splinters and re-glue any loose
flooring strips.

Finish the flooring by applying the finish of your choice.  Shellac
makes a good sealer coat with a polyurethane topcoat.
We sell wood veneer strips measuring
1/2" wide by 1/32" thick on varying
lengths and a variety for woods,
including mahogany, oak, and maple.
Below is the instructions for install the
veneer strips on a dollhouse floor.
    I glue down the flooring and finish it
before I assemble the dollhouse.  It
take more planning.  But I find it easier,
faster, and I get better looking results.
     I use blue tape to mask off areas
where  I down want shellac.
Mahogany Flooring with oak and pomelli squares.
Basswood Flooring with a lemon shellac finish.