More Firehouse Pictures
Many of the items used to build this dollhouse may be purchased at our
Ebay store.  Items include:

  • Decking  (wood flooring)
  • Fashion Doll Siding (tapered roof boards).
  • Firemans pole (5/16 dowel rod)
  • Wainscoting
  • Chair rail #3
  • Window sill stock
  • Apex Trim
  • 1/8" x1/8" scale model lumber (used to make the "vent").
  • 1/8" x 1/2" economy trim (exterior trim)
  • Window trim #4
  • Chair Rail #1
  • Crown Molding # 2 (above the windows)
  • Crown Molding # 3
  • 1/8" x 7/8" Scale Model Lumber (Window Lintels).
  • Post #1
  • Balusters #1
  • Victorial Corbels (light post)


Dimensions are: 21" wide, 33" long, and 31 tall.
Weight is approximately 40lbs.


Ten non-working windows. The windows where made from skratch and designed especially for this house.
The windows are open with no plasitic.
Two arched double drive through hinged doors.
Working frame and panel front door on hinges with a transom. The "glass" in the door is mica.
Victorian style-baseboard
Wainscoting and chair rail
Crown molding
Walls painted with semi-gloss..
2nd floor has a small room with a hinged frame and panel door.
Window and door trim
A firemans pole from the 2nd to 1st floor.
Real pine flooring on both floors.
One working light on the 2nd floor.  It runs on a 1.5 volt battery.


Hand-paint brick  
A "vented" roof peak.
Ramped driveway.  
Sturdy base made of willow.
Roof is made of tapered boards.
Highly detailed sofit with 38 roof supports.
Arched lintels above the windows
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